Homeowners are often faced with pools that never get that blue look for more than 24 hours even after chemicals have been applied. Such pools are at times referred to as “problem pools.” Here are some of the signs that would indicate that you have a problem pool.

  • Small Pool Equipment

Your pool needs components or rather equipment that will serve and meet it needs appropriately. Pool equipment such as filters and pump are available in different sizes and horse powers and are designed to perform to a certain capacity. If you install a small filter or pump, your pool might not perform effectively. Pumps or filters that are too small will put stress on other pool equipment including your plumbing. Furthermore, a small pump or filter will result in poor circulation of water.

Let’s say you’re matching a small cartridge filter with a large unscreened pool, what do you expect? Your pool won’t be able to clean itself properly and you’ll have a hard time taking care of it. The solution to such a problem is having a technician install the right size of pump or filter that will serve the needs of your pool size.

  • Clogged or Lack of the main drain

The main drain of your pool might have clogged or the pool might have been designed without one. Swimming pools are designed in such a way that they can pull water from the skimmer and main drain. When the main drain is absent or clogged, your pool will operate at half its capacity. Why? Because of low circulation and filtration. That means it will be too hard to keep your pool clean.

The solution here is simple. Het a technician to fix the clogged main drain or set up a system that can vacuum your swimming pool.


  • A Leaking Pool


Your swimming pool can leak from the walls, drainage system of the plumbing system. That’s why you need to always keep an eye on your water levels. If you discover that your pool needs constant addition of water especially during the cold season, you could be having a leak. Note that whenever you add fresh water in your pool it dilutes the chemicals present. You may need to add more chemicals and stabilizer to keep your pool water blue.

An inspection on your outer equipment would help find out if there is any problem with your plumbing. This should be done by a professional. If nothing is detected, you may consider looking for a leak detector to help find and repair any leaks in your pool. Thanks to Kiawah Island Pool Service for help with the article.