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How to Safeguard Your Roof in Winters

When it comes to winters, the opinion is divided. While some people love snow covered mountains, others abhor it. If our roof could talk, it would also not be a fan of winters as the season can cause havoc on the roof.


The most difficult thing about winters is getting rid of the snow, especially snow accumulated on the roof. Removing snow from the rooftop is a daunting task, however, it is necessary. If snow isn’t removed from the roof, it can cause the roof to leak due to due snow pressure and melting of the snow.


Dealing with issues like ice damming and ice accumulation are expensive tasks and even the gutters can be affected due to snow. You cannot let the snow remain there as it may cause your roof to leak causing irreversible damage.


Here’s how you can safeguard your roof in winters:


Ventilate Your Attic

Ventilation is process which is essential for your roof because it allows the air to pass smoothly. If you happen to have a poor ventilation system then water might reach the downmost layer of the roof and condense. When this happens, your roof can be damaged as moisture begins to build up. Also, it may also damage the interior walls and the insulation system of your home if neglected for a longer period of time.


To prevent the snow from melting and refreezing, you need to make sure that you keep regulating the attic temperature close to the temperature outside. If you are having problems determining at what temperature should you keep your attic to, then you can consult a roof specialist to help you out.


Roof Rake

Letting snow icicles stay on the roof can be highly damaging. It melts and then again refreeze. Having large amount of ice on the roof can exert enormous pressure on the roof and can even make it collapse. In addition to this, heavy snow can jam the gutters and downspouts and could even face a severe leaking issue if your roof is not strong enough.


To save your property and the loved ones living inside, you can rake the roof when it snows. Rakes can be purchased from the market. They look similar to a shovel and have an extension rod at one end so that the person raking, can stand on the ground at a distance and rake the snow off. Standing on the roof or the ladder to rake the snow can be dangerous and you might meet with an accident. Therefore, do not put your life at risk and purchase a rake from the store.


Moreover, avoid using chemicals to melt the snow as it can damage the shingles in your roof and make them erode. If all this looks too complex, just call a roof contractor to do the job.


Hire A Professional Roof Contractor

In case your roof is quite old, say more than 18 years old, then you might need to hire a professional roof contractor to help you out. Having old roofs can be risky for your home and they need to be repaired or replaced to secure your family and yourself from the horrors of the winters such as leaking roof, a bent roof due to snow weight etc.